A Long Day For Lilliane
Season 01, Episode 12
Air Date June 19, 2008
Previous Shoot At The Armored Car
Next And The Two

A Long Day For Lilliane is the 12th episode of anime, Allison and Lillia. This episode was first broadcast on June 19, 2008.

Summary Edit

Allison, Wil, Benedict, and Fiona arrive in Sou Beil, but Wil's suspicions about Major Stork remain. The next day, the four are instructed to dress nicely and Allison and Fiona walk out to find a limousine waiting for them. They are taken to a chapel where Benedict and Fiona exchange their wedding vows. When Stork arrives, Wil reveals his deductions that Stork is Allison's father.

He did not die in the war, but rather exchanged name tags with his dead subordinate to bring important information to Sou Beil to avoid the war from taking a turn for the worse, resulting in an armistice between Sou Beil and Roxche. As everyone leaves, Allison tries to muster up the courage to ask Wil to live with her. However, he beats her to the punch by asking her himself. Allison kicks Wil to the ground and while she is on top of him, asks if she can kiss him (by doing so, they would be wed).

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