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| Name=Allison Whittington
| Image=

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| Gender=Female
| Eyes=Blue
| Hair=Blonde
| Affiliation=Roxche Air

| Previous affiliation=House of Future
| Occupation=Pilot

| Partner=Wil
| Status=Alive

Allison Whittington is the main protagonist of the series' first part. Pilot of the Roxche air force and daughter of a military officer who died during the war, she was raised in an orphanage along with Wil. An impulsive, daring and somewhat tomboyish girl (not to mention her well-above average gymnastics) who has a talent for getting herself in trouble.

Though being in the military, she is not above bending the rules (and the occasional mischief) to help others, and to get things done. Wilhelm becomes the receiving end of her bad sleeping habits on a few occasions when they have to share a single bed out of circumstance. She also gets into jealousy fits when she sees how close how Benedict and Fiona are to each other, while on her end, she tries so hard to do the same with Wilhelm to no avail.

In the second half of the story, Allison gives birth to Lillia with Wil whose name has been changed due to becoming a secret agent, like Allison's father. She still dates Wil, but need to kept his true identity a secret from Lillia.