Fiona's Valley
Season 01, Episode 06
Air Date May 8, 2008
Previous Closed Forest
Next The Entrusted Ones

Fiona's Valley is the sixth episode of anime, Allison and Lillia. This episode was first broadcast on May 8, 2008.

Summary Edit

Allison and Wil escape and meet up with Ker in the village where they run into Fiona who takes them back to her house. She tells them that if they take her to the capital city Kunst, she will not turn them in to the villagers.

She wants to go interrupt a political speech in order to inform people that she is the princess of the royal family of Ikstova who were thought to have been all killed ten years prior, but she survived and went into exile; Fiona's real name is Francesca. They try to escape the village but are easily surrounded by the villagers, but after hearing of Fiona's plans, the village leader lets her do as she wishes. Fiona, Ker, Allison, and Wil head towards Kunst in Ker's vehicle.

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