The Entrusted Ones
Season 01, Episode 07
Air Date May 15, 2008
Previous Fiona's Valley
Next The Princess and the Hero

The Entrusted Ones is the seventh episode of anime, Allison and Lillia. This episode was first broadcast on May 15, 2008.

Summary Edit

Allison, Wil, Ker, and Fiona make it back to the Sou Beil air base where Ker and Allison concoct a plan to allow Allison and Wil to steal a fighter plane while Ker and Fiona fly a commercial sight-seeing plane. In the midst of the plan, the soldiers block the runway, which causes Allison to head toward the nearby town, and eventually manages to take flight as she is descending into the nearby cliffs.

On the way, Fiona tells Ker that she is not a real princess, and he in turn tells her that he is not a real hero, as it was mainly due to Allison and Wil that the mural that ended the war was discovered. Ker makes a grand entrance by landing the plane as the crowd gathered for the political speech get out of the way. Ker introduces Fiona as the thought to be dead princess Francesca, but the politician Nihito objects.

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