The Train Known as Conspiracy
Season 01, Episode 10
Air Date June 5, 2008
Previous The Bridge on the Former Battlefield
Next Shoot At The Armored Car

The Train Known as Conspiracy is the tenth episode of anime, Allison and Lillia. This episode was first broadcast on June 5, 2008.

Summary Edit

While out early in the morning, Allison and Wil witness Chief Conductor Welch getting pushed off the back of the train by a masked man. When Allison pursues, the man jumps on the roof and disappears after the train passes through a tunnel.

Allison and Wil inform the other conductors and Ker about the situation, and they enlist help from Major Stork too. Gautier Terol, the wealthiest man on board, believes he is being targeted due to a death threat he received the previous day, and suggests he stays isolated from the other passengers for the time being. They accomplish this by detaching most of the train's cars, leaving most of the passengers behind while the train heads down the mountain to get backup with Allison, her friends, Major Stork, and Terol with his bodyguard still on board. A military train catches up to them and begins firing on the train after Stork fires a few shots from his gun.

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