To the Enemy Nation!
Season 01, Episode 02
Air Date April 10, 2008
Previous Allison and Wil
Next Walter's Battle

To the Enemy Nation! is the second episode of anime, Allison and Lillia. This episode was first broadcast on April 10, 2008.

Summary Edit

While chasing the plane, Allison and Wil get attacked by a fighter plane and while getting away got tangled on some power lines, ultimately causing their plane to crash. As the sun is rising, Allison sees a fawn and approaches it, only to anger the fawn's mother which goes to attack Allison, but Wil gets in the way as the deer hooves his head, making him pass out.

Allison carries him most of the rest of the day until they find a cottage with a single old woman who treats Wil injuries and listens to Allison's reasons for coming over to the western region. Via Allison's and Wil's sleep talking, the woman discovers that they knew and grew up with an old woman named Moot who had defected to Roxche to run an orphanage; she was known henceforth as a traitor in Sou Beil. After hearing the hardships they have been through, the woman's opinion of them and people in general from Roxche changes. She gives them her now-dead husband's and son's military uniforms to aide in their rescue of the abducted old man.

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