Two Person World
Season 01, Episode 04
Air Date April 24, 2008
Previous Walter's Battle
Next Closed Forest

Walter's Battle is the fourth episode of anime, Allison and Lillia. This episode was first broadcast on April 24, 2008

Summary Edit

After Ker catches up to Allison and Wil, a dogfight ensues which ends with Allison shooting Ker with paintballs. Two other fighter planes catch up and try to shoot down both Allison and Ker, but Ker gets the better of them, shooting them down instead.

Allison, Wil, and Ker make it to the cave where the treasure is and find it to be an ancient mural showing Roxche and Sou Beil sharing fire, signifying at one time the two cultures were at peace. Two officers from the Sou Beil army arrive and almost shoot Allison, Ker, and Wil, but Wil shoots first. This causes one of the officers to misfire on the cave roof, causing a cave in, killing both officers. The mural serves to end the war between Roxche and Sou Beil.

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