Walter's Battle
Season 01, Episode 03
Air Date April 17, 2008
Previous To the Enemy Nation!
Next Two Person World

Walter's Battle is the third episode of anime, Allison and Lillia. This episode was first broadcast on April 17, 2008

Summary Edit

Allison and Wil successfully infiltrate the military base where the old man is being held, and manage to help him escape by giving him a hair pin for him to pick the lock on his jail cell. While getting away, Allison and Wil meet the lieutenant who Allison met six months previously who took interest in her.

Allison and Wil manage to steal a sea plane while the old man holds back the enemy, but the old man causes an explosion right after the plane takes off, and is shot moments later. The lieutenant, Ker, is given the order to follow Allison and Wil and kill them if they attempt to cross the border; as a precautionary measure, another will follow to make sure Ker does not hesitate to follow his orders.

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